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Annoying and Accosting a Person of the Opposite Sex

Under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 272 Section 53, it is a crime to annoy and accost a person of the opposite sex. To convict a defendant of this crime, it must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that:

  1. He or she engaged in disorderly acts or language. This element requires proof either that the defendant committed two or more disorderly acts or that the defendant used disorderly language. The two acts must have been distinct, but acts part of one incident may be considered distinct acts. “Disorderly” acts or language are those that involve violence or fighting, create hazardous conditions, invade personal privacy in a way that is physically offensive, or are threatening. If acts are offensive in a physical sense, then they do not also have to be threatening. Where language is sexually explicit, it can be inherently threatening when it is directed at a specific person in an inappropriate setting where it is likely to cause serious distress. It must be proven that language was a “true threat,” meaning that it was intended to place the victim in fear. A “true threat” can be express or implied. Hyperbole or other speech that has some expressive purpose, even if it is literally threatening, is not considered a “true threat.”
  2. A reasonable person would be offended by the acts or language. “Offensive” means repugnant to modern standards of decency and contrary to the current sense of what is moral or decent. Offensive language or acts are those that cause real anger or discontent.
  3. He or she intended to direct the language or acts towards the particular alleged victim.
  4. The alleged victim was aware of the acts or language.
  5. The alleged victim was of the opposite sex.
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