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Internet and Cyber Crimes

The Internet is increasingly used in connection with criminal activity. As awareness of that continues to grow, more individuals are finding themselves investigated or charged with Internet crimes.

Internet and cyber crimes take all kinds of forms. They may be abuse-related in nature and involve cyber-stalking, bullying, hate crimes, civil rights violations, or criminal harassment. Internet crimes can involve hacking and scams, many of which are theft or fraud-related . Such crimes may be sexual in nature and involve prostitution, sex trafficking or child pornography. Even drug crimes are now being facilitated through the Internet, with encrypted e-mail and use of the web to illegally sell certain prescription drugs and drug paraphernalia. When it comes to many types of cyber crimes, such as illegal online gambling or hacking, many may not even realize that what they are doing is criminal.

Previously, convictions of Internet crimes were rare. This was partly because they were more difficult to detect and cyber subcultures were not widely understood. Furthermore, it also takes time for law enforcement, and laws themselves, to catch up with technological and societal changes.

Today, however, law enforcement is extremely serious when it comes to Internet crimes, and it is substantially easier to investigate and track down those who commit such crimes. There are major initiatives at both the state and federal levels targeting cyber fraud, cyber abuse and sexual exploitation, online predators, and piracy (typically of software, music, video games and movies).

Massachusetts Considers “Sexting” a Form of an Internet Crime

Sexting has become rampant in Massachusetts. There are estimates that between forty and sixty percent of young adults and teenagers engage in some sort of sexting. High school students frequently “sext”. Unaware of the consequences people involved with sexting do it as a form of flirtation or seduction. Others do it as a joke. Some people do it as a form of harassment or bullying, perhaps in retaliation for a breakup or for cheating. Regardless of the reason, in many forms sexting is a crime in Massachusetts. Depending on the circumstances, sexting can be prosecuted as a form of child pornography possession or child pornography distribution. It can also be seen as the commission of the crime of dissemination of matter harmful to minors. The consequences for this type of sexting can be devastating as well. You can go to jail and have to register as a sex offender. If you get arrested or summonsed for an internet crime such as sexting you must take this seriously and contact an experience lawyer right away.

Internet Crimes Defense

Consult with an attorney if you have been charged with or think that you may be under investigation for an Internet or cyber crime. Many times investigations into web crimes can involve entrapment and unreasonable searches and seizures, and a skilled criminal defense lawyer will be able to use that to your advantage.

Experienced Criminal Defense in Massachusetts

Stephen Neyman is a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney with more than 20 years of experience. While Internet crimes present unique complexities, Attorney Neyman has an extremely thorough understanding of how to approach these cases. Internet and cyber crimes cases are not for the untested. Attorney Neyman has a proven history of success when it comes to these kinds of charges.

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Call the Law Offices of Stephen Neyman, P.C. at 617-263-6800 for a free phone consultation regarding any criminal matter, including Internet and cyber crimes. Attorney Neyman also invites you to e-mail him with any questions that you might have.

Attorney Neyman’s advice, and ultimately his aggressive representation, will prove to be invaluable in fighting your charge. You can reach the Law Offices of Stephen Neyman, P.C. at any time, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so do not wait.

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