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Operating Without Being Licensed

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 90 Section 10 requires anyone who operates a motor vehicle in Massachusetts to be licensed. If you are charged with violating this law the prosecutor must prove that you operated a motor vehicle that you did so on a public way and that you did not have a valid license to operate a motor vehicle at that time.

There are 7 exceptions to this statute:

  1. If you have a valid Massachusetts learner’s permit;
  2. If you are a nonresident licensed in your own state or country and if that jurisdiction reciprocates with Massachusetts ;
  3. If you are an active member of the armed forces and are licensed in the state where you are from;
  4. If you are licensed in another state or country and have applied for a Massachusetts license but are waiting to take the driver’s test and you have a 60 day temporary permit;
  5. You are licensed in another state and are the spouse of a member of the armed forces whom your accompanying on assignment to Massachusetts;
  6. You are a member of the armed forces having returned from duty outside of this country within 45 days; and
  7. You are a nonresident licensed where the vehicle is registered.

The penalty for a conviction of this offense is a $500 fine and up to 10 days in jail for a first offense. Subsequent offenses are punishable by 60 days to 1 year in jail.

Case Results » Operating Without Being Licensed
  • Charges of Operating Without a License Do Not Issue After Clerk Magistrate Hearing

    The defendant was stopped for a moving violation on a local highway by the Massachusetts State Police. He produced an out of state license. Officers quickly learned that the man had been living in Massachusetts well beyond the period of time permitted without having obtained a Massachusetts driver's license. He was given a citation under G.L. c. 90 Section 10 and a clerk magistrate hearing was scheduled. Today, our office was able to convince the clerk magistrate not to issue a complaint.

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  • Charges of Operating With Suspended License and Unregistered Dismissed After Clerk's Hearing

    On April 12, 2017 the defendant was driving through the town of Andover, Massachusetts. A police officer pulled him over for not having a current inspection sticker. Shortly after the stop the officer learned that the man's driver's license had been suspended for OUI and that the car was not registered. Both of these are crimes under G.L. c. 90 Section 23 and G.L. c. 90 Section 20 respectively. A summons for a clerk magistrate hearing issued. Attorney Neyman represented the man at the hearing and the complaint did not issue. The charges were dismissed.

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  • Charge of Unlicensed Operation Against College Student Dismissed Prior to Arraignment

    On February 7, 2016 the defendant, a local college student was pulled over for speeding. He was driving 88 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone. The officer who stopped him quickly learned that the man was originally from another country and had only a learner's permit and an international license in his possession. A summons  for a clerk magistrate hearing issued. The man was overseas and unable to make the hearing and a criminal complaint for unlicensed operation under G.L. c. 90 Section 10 issued. He then hired Attorney Stephen Neyman to represent him. Today, Attorney Neyman went into court and was able to get the case dismissed prior to arraignment.

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