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Newton Sex Crimes

West of Boston along the Massachusetts Turnpike, Newton is an incorporated city that is popularly thought of as a collection of 13 or more villages. Its name comes from "the new town," the name once given to a larger portion of Middlesex County. Railroads made Newton one of the earliest Boston suburbs, allowing wealthy businessmen to live in the "country" but work in Boston during the day. Modern Newton is still an affluent city, but the turnpike and the Green Line make commuting possible for more people. The Newton District Court, at 1309 Washington Street in West Newton, handles misdemeanor crimes and felonies carrying less than five years in prison, such as statutory rape. For trials of more serious felonies like distribution of child pornography, Newton residents use the Woburn Superior Court in Woburn.

Sex-Related Criminal Charges Deserve a Strong Defense

Being accused of a sex crime can change your life. Sex crimes are one of the few categories of crime that are judged in the "court of public opinion" before they get anywhere near a courtroom. As a result, being charged with a sex crime teaches some defendants who their real friends are. They also come with a variety of harsh criminal and civil penalties. Rape and many other sex crimes can get years in prison, even up to life, as well as steep fines. Sex crimes involving children, violence or both frequently mean mandatory requirements to register as a sex offender after release from prison. In some occupations, a conviction (or even an accusation) can end your career or put your professional license in jeopardy. In others, you can be suspended or fired outright.

With this much at stake, you should call the Law Offices of Stephen Neyman right away. Since 1990, we have represented criminal defendants accused of all kinds of crimes in Massachusetts. That includes many people accused of serious sex crimes, for whom we were able to get positive outcomes like dropped charges, acquittals or fair and reasonable plea bargains. Sex crimes are very much "he said, she said" crimes, because many of them take place in private and have no witnesses other than the victim and the accuser. That means defendants' credibility matters a lot, when dealing with police and later with a jury. When we defend this type of crime, we look for ways to bolster that credibility with the facts, including circumstances and physical evidence from the scene. When the accuser's credibility is an issue, we can also find ways to demonstrate that he or she has another agenda that could motivate a lie.

Newton Rape Criminal Defense Law Firm

If you're facing sex charges in Newton or anywhere else in Massachusetts, don't hesitate before you call the Law Offices of Stephen Neyman. Based in downtown Boston, we represent clients in district and superior courts across the metropolitan area and all of eastern Massachusetts. We have successfully defended Massachusetts residents of all backgrounds and incomes in sex-related matters, and we're proud of our strong record of positive results. When your family, your job and your freedom are at stake, you should never plead guilty before talking to our experienced sex crimes defense lawyers. For a free initial telephone consultation, call our office today at 617-263-6800 or send us a message online today.

Client Reviews
"We went to trial and won. He saved me fifteen years mandatory in state prison for this case." A.C. Boston, Massachusetts
"I hired him and he got the case dismissed before I had to go into a courtroom. My school never found out and if they had I would have lost my academic scholarships. He really saved my college career." Melissa C. Cold Spring, New York, October 2013
"My union rep told me to call Steve Neyman. From the get go I felt comfortable with him. He took the time to talk to me about my case whenever I needed .... He even gave me his personal cell number and took all my calls. We won the case and I kept my job." Bart L. S.
"The best criminal defense lawyer in Massachusetts. Takes all of his client's calls at any time of the day or night. He was always there for me and my family. Steve saved my life." Jacquille D. Brockton, Massachusetts
"In less than two months Stephen Neyman got my old conviction vacated. I now have no criminal record." Paul W. Boston, Massachusetts