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Gloucester Rape

Gloucester is located on Cape Ann, in the North Shore suburbs of Boston. Because it juts out into the Atlantic, and because the land is not well suited for farming, it has historically been a center for shipbuilding, fishing and related occupations. In fact, Gloucester was the setting of the book The Perfect Storm, and the movie version of that book was filmed in the town. The town has also attracted a great many painters and other artists and is home to the oldest artists’ colony in the United States, the Rocky Neck Art Colony. Gloucester has its own District Court at 197 Main Street, which hears cases of misdemeanor crimes and less serious felonies, including statutory rape. Those accused of more serious felonies like indecent assault and battery or date rape will travel to Superior Courts in Lawrence, Newburyport or Salem.

Start Defending Yourself From Sex Crimes Now

Sex crimes are among the most serious and harshly punished of all crimes in Massachusetts. Our society can get hysterical about sex, and that means sentences for people accused of sex crimes can be inflated by politicians or juries, leading to long prison sentences. To make matters worse, after release, people convicted of many crimes are required to register as sex offenders with the state, with steep penalties for failing to register. And then there are the personal and civil consequences. Merely facing charges is enough to cause trouble at work in some jobs, and being convicted can mean losing a professional license or a job. It can also mean professional discipline. And sex charges frequently tell defendants who their real friends are, because they can be judged harshly by people in the community long before any evidence is presented.

The Law Offices of Stephen Neyman can help. Lead attorney Stephen Neyman has more than 20 years of experience defending clients from serious felony criminal charges. In that time, we’re proud to say that we’ve won not guilty verdicts, dropped charges and other positive outcomes for numerous people accused of sex crimes. Despite what some defendants might fear, it’s perfectly possible to defend serious sex-related charges. In addition to looking at the hard evidence, we can take a look at the circumstances behind that evidence, such as any motive the accuser might have to lie. Because so many incidents leading to sex charges happen behind closed doors, police officers and juries often end up deciding whose story they think is more believable. We work hard to ensure that you have the credibility you need, and that any lack of credibility on the other side is thoroughly documented.

Gloucester Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

If you’re accused of a sex crime in Massachusetts, you’re facing life-altering penalties. Sex crimes often carry long prison sentences, onerous post-release restrictions on your freedom and a heavy personal and social price. With this much at stake, you need the help of an experienced sex crimes criminal defense attorney from the Law Offices of Stephen Neyman. From downtown Boston, we represent clients throughout eastern Massachusetts who are accused of any type of sex crime. And because we know clients come to us at a stressful time in their lives, we offer free initial telephone consultations, so the initial contact is always free. For an evaluation of your case or more information about us, you can call us today at 617-263-6800 or send us a message through our website.

Client Reviews
"We went to trial and won. He saved me fifteen years mandatory in state prison for this case." A.C. Boston, Massachusetts
"I hired him and he got the case dismissed before I had to go into a courtroom. My school never found out and if they had I would have lost my academic scholarships. He really saved my college career." Melissa C. Cold Spring, New York, October 2013
"My union rep told me to call Steve Neyman. From the get go I felt comfortable with him. He took the time to talk to me about my case whenever I needed .... He even gave me his personal cell number and took all my calls. We won the case and I kept my job." Bart L. S.
"The best criminal defense lawyer in Massachusetts. Takes all of his client's calls at any time of the day or night. He was always there for me and my family. Steve saved my life." Jacquille D. Brockton, Massachusetts
"In less than two months Stephen Neyman got my old conviction vacated. I now have no criminal record." Paul W. Boston, Massachusetts