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Essex County Sex Crimes

Essex County unites a group of cities and towns in the extreme northeast corner of the state of Massachusetts, bordering New Hampshire and the Atlantic Ocean. Though the area is home to government agencies like the Essex County Sheriff’s Department, there is no official government of Essex County anymore. Instead, government services tend to be concentrated in the county’s biggest cities, which include Salem in the south and Lawrence in the northwest. The county’s major courts include Superior Courts in Salem, Lawrence and Newburyport, which hear serious felony sex crimes trials. The county also includes district courts in Haverhill, Lynn, Ipswich, Peabody, Lawrence, Salem and Newburyport, which handle less serious sex crimes matters such as prostitution.

Take Your Charges Seriously

If you’re charged with rape, possession of child pornography or any other serious sex offense, don’t wait to call the Law Offices of Stephen Neyman for help. Because our society can be hysterical about sexual matters, sex crimes can carry very harsh penalties. Even statutory rape of someone under age 16 (the age of consent) can carry a sentence of “life or any amount of years.” People accused of sex crimes against minors, including possession of child pornography, or violent crimes, can also be required to register as sex offenders in Massachusetts for 20 years to life. A sex-related accusation alone can cause problems at work and in your social life.

Aggressive Defense of all Essex County Massachusetts Sex Crimes

At the Law Offices of Stephen Neyman, we aggressively fight sex charges against our clients, including those accused of very serious crimes. Everyone is entitled to a fair trial in our country, including people who might be reviled in the community because of the charges against them. Especially in an emotionally charged sex case, police may jump to conclusions, make mistakes or believe an unreliable accuser. Stephen Neyman, our experienced lead attorney, fights back with the facts as well as a thorough investigation of the circumstances behind those facts. In nearly 30 years of practicing law, we’ve successfully defended all kinds of adult and child sex crimes.

What Will You do to Defend Me?

We get asked this question regularly and in particular with sex crimes allegations. The short answer is “whatever it takes to prove your innocence”. We will file and argue every necessary motion. We will appeal any improper ruling on those motions when appropriate. We locate and interview all witnesses. We visit the crime scene. We investigate motive. We will stop at nothing to make sure that your rights are protected.

Essex County Rape Defense Attorney

Sex-related criminal charges can threaten your freedom, your family, your job and your reputation. With this much at stake, you need an experienced Massachusetts sex crimes defense lawyer on your side. The Law Offices of Stephen Neyman defend clients throughout greater Boston and eastern Massachusetts who are accused of date rape, indecent assault and more. We offer free initial telephone consultations to all potential clients, because we know how important it is for people accused of sex crimes to find the right attorney fast. For your telephone consultation, you can call us today at 617-263-6800 or send us an email today.

Client Reviews
"We went to trial and won. He saved me fifteen years mandatory in state prison for this case." A.C. Boston, Massachusetts
"I hired him and he got the case dismissed before I had to go into a courtroom. My school never found out and if they had I would have lost my academic scholarships. He really saved my college career." Melissa C. Cold Spring, New York, October 2013
"My union rep told me to call Steve Neyman. From the get go I felt comfortable with him. He took the time to talk to me about my case whenever I needed .... He even gave me his personal cell number and took all my calls. We won the case and I kept my job." Bart L. S.
"The best criminal defense lawyer in Massachusetts. Takes all of his client's calls at any time of the day or night. He was always there for me and my family. Steve saved my life." Jacquille D. Brockton, Massachusetts
"In less than two months Stephen Neyman got my old conviction vacated. I now have no criminal record." Paul W. Boston, Massachusetts