Domestic Assault and Battery

Aggressive Defense Against Domestic Assault and Battery Charges

Domestic assault and battery charges are extremely common in the state of Massachusetts and can have serious implications. Domestic assault and battery convictions often carry with them requirements that the defendant complete special programs for “batters,” or anger management programs, and those convicted may be ordered to stay away from the person on whom they committed the assault and battery. If a weapon was involved in the altercation, the punishment becomes far more serious yet.

Domestic assault and battery cases often stem from incidents related to the decline of a relationship, whether it be with a significant other or a family member. As such, they often involve intense emotions and chaos. If you have been charged with domestic assault and battery, you are likely experiencing a range of emotions, from anger and hurt, to fear and confusion.

We have prepared the following list of frequently asked questions concerning domestic assault and battery to give you a quick understanding of the charges against you:

  1. What is Domestic Assault and Battery?

    Domestic assault and battery is the same act statutorily as regular assault and battery. Assault and battery are two separate acts, although they are very similar. Assault refers to a threat of violence, as opposed to battery which refers to unlawful physical contact with the intent to cause injury, harm, or pain. Though the acts are distinct, Massachusetts police officers have the right to arrest someone for assault and battery even if there was no physical harm. Domestic assault and battery specifically refers to an assault and battery that occurs within a family relationship.

  2. What Sentence do I Face if Convicted of Domestic Assault and Battery?

    The punishment you face for a domestic assault and battery will depend on the facts of the case and the existence of aggravating factors. Assault and battery is a misdemeanor crime, and a defendant convicted of it faces up to 30 months imprisonment and a $1,000 fine. Often, defendants are allowed probation in lieu of imprisonment. Probation will come at a cost, however, as the court may require you complete a Certified Batter’s Program or an anger management program. Both programs will require an extensive time commitment and be at your cost. The Certified Batter’s Program can cost over $3,500 in some cases. Anger management is the less intensive, and more cost effective option if the court will allow for it.

    When the victim has been seriously injured, pregnant, over 65, or the defendant had an outstanding no contact order against the victim, the assault and battery can be aggravated. Aggravated assault and battery is a felony offense and you could face up to 5 years imprisonment.

    If a dangerous weapon is involved, which can be anything the defendant knew or should have known could cause grave bodily harm, then the defendant can be charged with the serious crime of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, which can result in up to 15 years imprisonment.

    Given the range of possible sentences and the numerous charges lumped under the term domestic assault and battery, it is best to consult with a knowledge domestic assault and battery attorney who can examine your charges and provide you with a full explanation of the potential sentences you face.

  3. The Victim Does not Wish to Press Charges; can I Still be Arrested?

    Not only can you still be arrested—in Massachusetts you will be arrested. Today, most Massachusetts police departments have guidelines in place that actually require an officer arrest the alleged batter even if the victim recants, and even if no other evidence supports the accusation that an assault and battery took place. This policy is meant to protect the victim from any further harm befalling them in the event officers simply left the alleged batter in the home. However, in practice, it has resulted in many arrested based on little to no evidence that a crime occurred.

  4. The Victim Wants to Drop the Charges; can I Still be Prosecuted?

    There is a common misconception that when/if the victim, often a spouse, decides they do not want to press charges, the prosecution simply stops. This is just not the case in Massachusetts. The District Attorney’s office is in total control of what cases are brought to completion and which are dismissed, and they are generally not responsive to the wishes of the victim, even when the victim recants his or her testimony.

  5. I'm Starting to Understand the Seriousness of the Offense, but What can I do to Prevent Conviction?

    The first and most vital step is to retain an experienced Boston domestic assault and battery attorney. It is imperative that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible after the incident so that they conduct a thorough case investigation while the evidence is still fresh and the case against you is still in its infancy.

    There is a tendency for those charged with a misdemeanor assault and battery charge to believe they do not need the assistance of an attorney, since they will likely only receive probation. This is a gravely flawed assumption. First, it is far from guaranteed that you will be sentenced to a term of probation. You do face jail time, even as a first time offender. Second, even a misdemeanor conviction for assault and battery can have long term consequences. It will form part of your criminal record and in the event you commit another domestic violence crime, it may increase your possible sentence range. Do not take a quick plea offer without consulting with a knowledgeable attorney as you may be able to avoid any conviction on your record whatsoever.

A skilled defense attorney will be able to assess the facts of your individual case and develop the best defense strategy. Oftentimes, domestic assault and battery cases involve essentially the word of the victim against that of the defendant. This can be tricky to defend against, but an experienced defense attorney can uncover evidence to show the victim’s unlawful motivation for the charges.

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Case Results » Domestic Assault and Battery
  • Domestic Assault and Battery Case Against Third Year Law Student Dismissed

    The defendant is married to the victim and there exists a history of violence between the two. Earlier this week our office got a case against this same defendant and involving the same victim dismissed. The victim invoked her marital privilege however the prosecution attempted to proceed without her assistance. They argued that case law permits prior statements of the victim under the excited utterance exception to the hearsay rule. Attorney Neyman opposed that motion referencing case law established by the United State Supreme Court. Using the case of Crawford v. Washington we were able to establish that the victim's statements to the investigating officer were "testimonial" and even if considered an excited utterance exception to the hearsay rule they could not be used. The trial judge agreed and the district attorney was unable to proceed. The case was dismissed.

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  • Security Analyst Found Not Guilty of Domestic Assault and Intimidation of a Witness Charges After Jury Trial

    The defendant is a security analyst working at an engineering company that is involved with extensive military contracts. He and the victim had been in an on again off again dating relationship for four years. On February 25, 2018 the defendant told the victim that he intended to move out of the home and terminate the relationship. He asked her to return a ring that he gave her and for possession of their dog. The woman became enraged. She started packing his clothes. She claimed that in the process he shoved her against a wall and smashed her head off the wall. He punched her in the head. He threw her in a bedroom. He then threw her down on the ground and slammed her head off of the floor. She grabbed her cell phone to call 911. He grabbed the phone from her and continued to beat her. She fled the home and made a harrowing 911 call from a neighbor's home. The defendant was arrested and charged with domestic assault and battery G.L. c. 265 Section 13M and intimidation of a witness G.L. c. 268 Section 13B. Attorney Neyman was hired to represent the man. After a year of discovery the case went to trial. Through medical records and prior inconsistent statements we were able to convince the jury that the woman had fabricated the charges. We were able to reveal her motive for lying. In less than two hours the jury came back with a not guilty verdict.

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  • Domestic Assault and Battery Case Against Dentist Dismissed

    The defendant is a dentist with a large practice that includes several offices throughout Eastern Massachusetts. On November 25, 2017 police responded to a Boston address for a call on a domestic disturbance. They arrived to find the victim crying and bruised. She told the officers that the defendant did this to her following an argument centered on infidelity. Officers located our client who denied the accusations. He was summonsed to court and charged with violating G.L. c. 265 Section 13M, domestic assault and battery. He hired our office. Today, Attorney Neyman succeeded in getting the case dismissed

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