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  • Brighton District Court: Felony Malicious Destruction to Property Charges Against College Students do Not Issue After Clerk Magistrate Hearing

    The defendants are freshmen at a local college in Boston. On September 9, 2017 they were observed standing on the cap of the bed of a pickup truck having their picture taken by another individual. The campus police witnessed the incident and contacted the owner of the vehicle who subsequently reported damage to the cap in excess of $250. The students were charged with malicious destruction to property over $250 in violation of G.L. c. 266 Section 127, a felony in Massachusetts. A clerk magistrate hearing was ordered. Our office represented the defendants at the hearing and convinced the clerk magistrate not to issue the complaint in exchange for making immediate restitution. No complaint issued.

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  • Lawrence District Court: Charges of Criminal Harassment Dismissed

    In August of 2015 members of the North Andover, Massachusetts Police Department met with residents of an upscale neighborhood who complained about getting flat tires from roofing nails on their property. Investigators checked the area and found driveways and lawns saturated with these nails. A security videotape was located and on it the police saw a man taking objects from a bag and throwing them on the various lawns and driveways where the nails were found. Some of the victims positively identified the defendant as the person in video. He was charged with criminal harassment, G.L. c. 265 Section 43A and felony malicious destruction to property G.L. c. 266 Section 127. Today, Attorney Neyman was able to get the criminal harassment charges dismissed and the remaining charges were given pretrial probatin or continued without a finding.

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  • Ayer District Court: General Continuance For Man Charged With Malicious Destruction to Property – – Case to be Dismissed

    Shortly before Christmas 2015 the defendant was driving his car in a parking lot in a suburban Boston strip mall. He was stopped waiting for a car to back up so that he could take over that parking space. A car behind him beeped several times. The defendant took exception to this, got out of his car, and with his elbow broke the rear windshield of the victims automobile. The police were called to the scene. The defendant was charged with malicious destruction to property over $250, a felony in Massachusetts. Today, attorney Neyman was able to get a general continuance for the defendant. All charges will be dismissed out right in December. 

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  • Cambridge District Court: Felony Charge of Malicious Destruction of Property Against College Professor Sealed

    In 2001, while attending college in Boston the defendant was charged with malicious destruction to property in violation of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 266 Section 127. The case was continued without a finding for a year. The defendant successfully completed his probation. He received his college degree and eventually obtained a doctorate degree. The CWOF was accessible to certain perspective employers. Consequently the defendant was not hired for certain positions for which he was otherwise qualified and deemed desirable. He hired Attorney Stephen Neyman to get his record sealed. Within thirty days we were able to get the case sealed.

  • Newton District Court: Charges of Malicious Destruction to Property Dismissed Prior to Arraignment

    The defendant recently turned eighteen years old and graduated from high school. In May of this year he was observed tagging someone's personal property valued over two hundred fifty dollars. The person called the police who arrived and investigated the crime that was reported. They concluded that the young man had in fact committed this crime, a felony in Massachusetts. He was summonsed to court for an arraignment today. Attorney Neyman was hired to defend him and was successful in getting all charges dismissed prior to arraignment.

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  • Somerville District Court: Pretrial Probation for Financial Analyst Charged With Malicious Destruction to Property Over $250

    The defendant is a financial analyst who lives out of state. On March 15, 2015 the man was visiting friends and staying in Somerville, Massachusetts. Around 1:15 in the morning police officers were dispatched to a residence where they encountered the defendant, apparently drunk and disoriented. Officers also met with the victim who related that she was asleep when she heard a very loud noise followed by the sound of breaking glass. Officers quickly learned that this man had damaged the door to the victim's house and broke windows at the same time. The man was arrested and charged with malicious destruction to property over $250, a felony in Massachusetts. He hired Attorney Stephen Neyman was was able to get him pretrial probation pursuant to G.L. c. 276 Section 87. All charges will be dismissed shortly.

  • Roxbury District Court: Pretrial Diversion Granted For Local College Student Charged With Serious Felonies

    On August 15, 2014, at 5:30 a.m. Boston, Massachusetts police responded to a call for a breaking and entering in a neighborhood adjacent to a major local university. They observed the defendant banging on a door and apparently under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The officers observed substantial damage to the dwelling including a broken front door. Witnesses at the scene identified the defendant as the person who broke the door and gained entry to the property. As the officers approached the suspect he fled. He was ultimately caught by one of the officers who claimed that he was struck several times by the defendant. The officer was taken to a local hospital and was out of work for a significant period of time. The suspect was charged with assault and battery on a police officer, breaking and entering in the nighttime, malicious destruction to property and other crimes. Many of the crimes are felonies in Massachusetts. Attorney Stephen Neyman was hired. Today our office was able to secure pretrial diversion for the defendant pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 276A.

  • Waltham District Court: Felony Charges of Malicious Destruction to Property Dismissed at Clerk's Hearing

    The Watertown, Massachusetts police were contact by a cab driver on September 1, 2013 for a complaint that a passenger had broken the rear passenger window of his cab. The driver further reported that he picked up the passenger and took him to his requested destination. Upon arrival the passenger complained that the fare was too high. The cab driver continued to request money. The passenger refused to pay his fare and angrily broke the rear passenger window of the cab. The police arrested the defendant and subsequently summonsed him for a clerk magistrate hearing. At that hearing Attorney Neyman was able to convince the clerk magistrate not to issue the criminal complaint. All charges were dismissed.

  • Dedham District Court: Charges of Malicious Destruction to Property Over $250, a felony, dismissed prior to Clerk's Hearing

    The prosecution alleged that on December 19, 2013 a business man visiting from California booked a private taxicab for a ride to a Boston suburb. Upon arriving at the designated location the man argued with the cab driver over the fee. Unable to negotiate a lower fee he proceeded to cause extensive damage to the vehicle. He was charged with malicious destruction to property over two hundred fifty dollars, a felony in Massachusetts. A Clerk's Hearing was scheduled. Attorney Neyman was retained prior to the hearing. He was able to negotiate a resolution with the victim and the police department. The case was dismissed before the Clerk's Hearing.

  • Pretrial probation pursuant to G.L. c. 276 §87 for man charged with Assault and Battery, Intimidation of a Witness, Threatening to Commit a Crime and Malicious Destruction of Property Over $250

    Waltham District Court: According to a detailed Weston, Massachusetts police report, on September 16, 2013 a motorist called the police after observing a woman walking in a troubled manner. The woman was barefoot, holding her right side and in severe pain. She had a bruised nose and a bloody lip. She reported that the defendant fought with her over a cell phone and computer during which he threw the items at her, hitting her, causing injury and damaging other property in the home. The defendant threatened to kill her if she called the police. The police interviewed the defendant who, in essence, gave the same story as the victim. Charges were brought. Today, Attorney Neyman was able to get pretrial probation for all charges. Everything will be dismissed upon the completion of unsupervised probation.

  • Pretrial probation pursuant to G.L. c. 276 §87 for non-citizen charged with felony drug offense

    Lynn District Court: In July of 2000 members of the Saugus Police and other officers assigned to an Essex County Massachusetts Drug Task Force conducted an undercover drug investigation in North Shore clubs. There, with the assistance of a confidential informant the officers met up with the defendant, a suspected ecstasy dealer. Negotiations resulted in the purchase of a significant amount of this club drug by an undercover officer. The defendant was arrested and charged with distribution of drugs. Attorney Neyman secured pretrial probation for the man today. All charges will soon be dismissed. There will be no immigration consequences.

  • Felony Malicious Destruction to Property Charges Reduced to Misdemeanor and to be Dismissed

    Boston Municipal Court: The defendant is an accountant at a major international accounting firm. He had criminal legal problems in the past of a felony nature that we succeeded in getting dismissed. This past March he and his girlfriend got into an argument on a busy city street. During the course of the argument the defendant broke a window to a car owned by someone not involved in this incident. The police arrived and charged with defendant with Malicious Destruction to Property Over $250, a felony in Massachusetts. Today, we succeeded in getting the charges dropped to a misdemeanor and continued without a finding. The client will have no criminal record if he complies with his probationary reporting requirements.

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