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  • Lowell District Court: Charges of Domestic Assault and Battery, Assault and Battery on a Police Officer and Possession of a Firearm Against Top Sales Executive Dismissed

    The defendant is a top sales executive working for a large international company. On December 8, 2016 members of a local police department were dispatched to a residence for a call of a domestic incident. They arrived to find the defendant in a manic state, not making sense and difficult to control. The man had allegedly struck his wife. During questioning the man struck one of the police officers. He was arrested. During questioning officers learned that the man had a large capacity firearm in his home along with some ammunition. He was charged with domestic assault and battery, G.L. c. 265 Section 13M, assault and battery on a police officer, G.L. c. 265 Section 13D, two counts of unlicensed possession of an assault weapon, G.L. c. 140 Section 131M, possession of ammunition without an FID card and possession of a firearm without an FID card, G.L. c. 269 Section 10(h) and improper storage of a firearm, G.L. c. 140 Section 131L. Attorney Stephen Neyman was immediately hired to defend the man. Today, the domestic assault and battery, the assault and battery on a police officer and all felony counts were dismissed. The possession of ammunition and possession of a firearm without an FID card were continued without a finding for six months. Those charges will also be dismissed.

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  • West Roxbury District Court: Large Capacity Gun Charges Against Former Military Man Do Not Issue After Clerk Magistrate Hearing

    The defendant served in the military and completed four tours of active duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. On September 30, 2017 members of the Boston, Massachusetts police department were summonsed to specified Jamaica Plain address for a domestic dispute. Officers arrived to find the defendant outside and began to question him about the alleged incident. The discussion led to the disclosure that the defendant had a high capacity firearm in the home along with a significant amount of ammunition. It was also determined that the defendant did not have an FID card or a license to carry in Massachusetts. An application for unlawful possession of a firearm under G.L. c. 269 Section 10(m) was filed along with possession of ammunition, G.L. c. 269 Section (h)(1) and improper storage under G.L. c. 140 Section 131L. There is a mandatory jail sentence under the first count. Today, at a clerk magistrate hearing Attorney Neyman was able to convince the clerk not to issue a criminal complaint.

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  • Worcester District Court: Gun Charges Against Veteran Dismissed

    On April 9, 2017 the defendant was driving in Auburn, Massachusetts when he was pulled over for a defective equipment violation. One of the officers effectuating the stop observed a box of ammunition in plain view. The officers quickly learned that the defendant had a firearm in the car. He was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, G.L. c. 269 Section 10(a) and possession of ammunition, G.L. c. 269 Section 10(h)(1). He hired Attorney Neyman to represent him. We were able to get the defendant released immediately after we were retained. Due to the fact that the defendant was a veteran our office was later able to embrace aspects of the Valor Act. Today, Attorney Neyman was able to get the case dismissed.

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  • Newton District Court: Gun Charges Against Business Executive Dismissed

    On September 17, 2016 members of the Newton, Massachusetts police department responded to a report of a fight involving a firearm. Officers who arrived at the scene were met by a party claiming that during an argument the defendant struck him in the head. The man slapped him back. The defendant left the room and returned with a firearm. He pressed the gun against the victim's ribs and threatened him with the weapon. It was alleged that the defendant was intoxicated at the time. The police questioned the defendant who denied the attack. A secret recording of the incident was made by the victim. This recording captured the defendant admitting to the assault with the firearm. The defendant was arrested and charged with intimidation of a witness, G.L. c. 268 Section 13B, carrying a firearm while intoxicated, G.L. c. 269 Section 10H and assault with a dangerous weapon G.L. c. 265 Section 15B. Attorney Neyman was hired to represent the defendant. Today, all charges were dismissed.

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  • Lawrence District Court: Gun Charges Against Lawrence Man Dismissed

    The defendant is a twenty year old man from Lawrence, Massachusetts. On July 7, 2016 members of the Lawrence Police Department conducted a stop of a motor vehicle owned and being driven by our client. After the stop a passenger in the car quickly exited the vehicle and fled. Officers moved towards the driver and observed a handgun in plain view on the passenger seat of the vehicle. The defendant and the man who fled were both charged with unlawful possession of a firearm in violation of G.L. c. 269 Section 10(a). This statute has a mandatory minimum eighteen month jail sentence for anyone convicted of this crime. Attorney Neyman was hired to represent the defendant. After nearly a year long fight today Attorney Neyman was able to get the case dismissed.

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  • Worcester District Court: Charges of Possession of a Firearm Without a License and Improper Storage of a Firearm Dismissed Against Tennessee Man Working in Massachusetts

    The defendant lives in Tennessee where the laws do not require gun owners to have an FID card or license to carry. He is a welder who has top security clearance to work on government contracted jobs and nuclear plants. One of his jobs took him to Auburn, Massachusetts. He stayed in a hotel and kept his gun with him in the room. He also left the gun in the room when he went out to work back in April of 2016. The weapon was stolen from the room. The man reported the theft and was charged with gun possession, G.L. c. 269 Section 10(a) and improper storage of a firearm under G.L. c. 140 Secton 131L. Our office succeeded in litigating a motion to dismiss the gun charges.

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  • Lowell District Court: Felony Assault With a Firearm Charge Dismissed

    The defendant is an EMT who was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, assault and domestic assault. These crimes are set out in G.L. c. 265 Section 15B and G.L. c. 265 Section 13M. According to local police officers a 911 call was placed by a woman claiming that her former boyfriend had threatened her by making assaultive gestures and placing his firearm before her in a threatening manner. These actions were alleged to have occurred following the parties breaking up. Once arrested the man hired Attorney Stephen Neyman to represent him. Today, the felony charge was dismissed. The remaining misdemeanor charges were continued without a finding. The man will not have a criminal record and all charges will be dismissed following a successful completion of probation.

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  • Lowell District Court: Gun Possession Charges Against Chelmsford Man to be Dismissed

    On September 10, 2015 the defendant was served with a 209A restraining order commanding him to stay away from is wife. At the time the order was served officers learned that the defendant had a cache of firearms in the home including high capacity firearms and handguns. It was later determined that the defendant did not have the requisite license to carry the weapons. He was charged with a violation of G.L. c. 269 Section 10(h), unlawful gun possession. He hired our office to represent him. We initially succeeded in getting the high capacity charges dismissed outright. Today, Attorney Neyman prevailed upon a judge to continue the remaining gun cases without a finding. All charges will be dismissed.

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  • Westborough District Court: Gun Charges and Domestic Assault and Battery Charges to be Dismissed

    On December 13, 2013 Shrewsbury, Massachusetts police responded to a report of a domestic assault and battery. The complainant stated that after an argument the defendant punched her twice in the face and left her home. The woman stated that the defendant secreted a gun under a couch near her bed. The police were given permission to search her home and they located the gun where she indicated it would be. A criminal history was run on the man and the police quickly learned that he did not have an FID card or a license to carry a firearm. The police searched for the man and located him in a nearby hotel. He was arrested and charged with domestic assault and battery as well as unlawful possession of a firearm and improper storage of a large capacity gun. Today, Attorney Neyman got the charges continued without a finding. The case will be dismissed shortly.

  • Dudley District Court: Intimidation of a Witness Case Dismissed Against Music Producer, Armed Career Criminal Charge Dismissed, Charges of Possession of Ammunition and Possession With Intent to Distribute Marijuana Continued Without a Finding

    On May 18, 2013 officers from the Charlton, Massachusetts police stopped a car our client was driving. They claimed he committed a routine motor vehicle infraction. The driver and his passenger quickly jumped out of the car. One of the officers detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from the car. He asked our client for a copy of his registration. Our client opened the car door and locked the keys in the car. He refused to provide his registration or to cooperate with the police investigation. A canine unit was called. The dog hit on the car. A state police officer then applied for a search warrant. In the trunk of the car officers found marijuana and an arsenal of shotgun shells. The defendant was charged with 1) intimidation of a witness, 2) possession of ammunition, 3) possession with the intent to distribute marijuana and 4) being an armed career criminal. Attorney Neyman was able to get counts 1 and 4 dismissed. Counts 2 and 3 were continued without a finding and will be dismissed once the defendant completes a period of probation.

  • Boston Municipal Court: Charges of Possession of Large Capacity Firearm and Feeding Device Dismissed Against Local College Student, Other Charges Still Pending

    The prosecution alleged that in late November of 2013 Boston police responded to a Dorchester address for a disturbance at a party. As officer approached the home they saw a crowd of people quickly disbursing. A patron at the party waived down the police and told them that he witnessed a male running up the street, brandishing a firearm. Other people at the party identified two other people, also with firearms who had been at the home. Officers observed people fitting this description entering a car and fleeing the scene. The car was stopped by the police. As they moved in to investigate the officers saw the car occupants making furtive movements suggestive to them of possible criminal behavior. All occupants were detained and the car was searched. Inside, the police located several firearms and ammunition. Today, one of the more serious charges, possession of a large capacity firearm and large capacity feeding device, both carrying a potential ten year state prison sentence, were dismissed. Other charges remain pending.

  • Possession of a Weapon and Possession of Drug case against financial analyst to be Dismissed

    Worcester District Court: The prosecution alleged that on May 13, 2013 officers from the Auburn, Massachusetts police department were called for a report of a suspicious male in a parked vehicle. The officers investigated. While trying to assist the defendant, who they believed in peril, located a concealed weapon and some drugs. The man, a well known financial analyst was charged with these crimes and hired our office. Today, all matters were continued without a finding. Once probation is completed all charges will be dismissed. The man will have no criminal record.

  • Charges of Open and Gross Lewdness to be Dismissed

    Attleboro District Court: On July 10, 2013 police officers working the Kid Rock concert were directed to a man who was highly intoxicated. Witnesses photographed the man urinating on others attending the concert. Some of the victims were women. The man had several arrests and some convictions in the past for an assortment of crimes. All charges were continued without a finding. Once our client completes a minimal course of probation all charges will be dismissed. This will not be on his criminal record.

  • Carrying a Dangerous Weapon on School Property Case Against Juvenile to be Dismissed

    Chelsea District Court (Juvenile Session): The defendant is a sixteen year old freshman who attended a local high school. During school hours authorities learned that he was carrying a large knife and that he had gang involvement. The police were called and charges were filed. The defendant's family retained Attorney Stephen Neyman to defend the boy. Today, all charges were continued without a finding. The case will be dismissed in one year if the boy remains free from trouble.

  • Possession of Ammunition Charges Against Norwegian Man Dismissed at Clerk's Hearing

    East Boston Court # 10-0241. On April 21, 2010 a Massachusetts State Police Officer received a call to go to a particular bag room at Logan Airport. The officer was instructed to find the defendant, a Norwegian man scheduled to fly to Norway that evening. The man, our client was located in a terminal waiting to board his flight. Apparently a baggage official had located copper sulfate and forty two rounds of .22 caliber ammunition in our client's bag. A Clerk's Hearing was scheduled. Attorney Neyman was able to get the clerk not to issue the complaint. No criminal charges will be filed.

  • Charges of Minor in Possession of Alcohol Dismissed at Arraignment

    Attleboro District Court # 10-1762. The defendants are all eighteen years old. They just graduated from high school and are planning on attending college in the fall. According to the Mansfield, Massachusetts police, on June 7, 2010 bicycle patrol officers at the Comcast Center approached four individuals seated in the back of a pickup truck, all drinking alcohol. All were attending a Dave Matthews concert. The officers arrested each defendant and charged all with being a Minor in Possession of Alcohol. Today, Attorney Neyman was able to get all charges dismissed against each defendant.

  • Firearms Charges against Montana truck driver dismissed at pre-trial hearing

    Taunton District Court # 09-2924. Our client is a truck driver from Montana who regularly makes runs between Boston and Florida. On August 21, 2009 a Massachusetts State Trooper observed the defendant's truck blocking a ramp from Route 138 to Route 495. He contacted the operator, our client and observed his sleeping in the cab. He asked him to get out of the vehicle so that he could speak with him in a safer location. Suspicious of our client's activities the officer began a cursory search of the car. He observed a handgun in the passenger seat cushion. Our client was charged with Possession of a Firearm. Today Attorney Neyman was able to get the case dismissed in its entirety.

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