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  • Criminal Complaint For Drug Distribution Does Not Issue Against College Student

    The defendant is a student at a prestigious college in Boston. Campus police became alerted to suspicious activity at a dorm involving possible drug dealing activities. An investigation followed during which police accessed surveillance cameras key code access printouts. Officers soon learned that a particular student was getting excessive visits to his dorm room from students and non-students. Officers monitored the traffic and stopped visitors as they exited the dormitory. They learned that the defendant was selling large quantities of marijuana and other drugs from is dorm room. With ample probable cause a search warrant was obtained and executed. Officers found large quantities of marijuana and drug distribution materials in the room. The man admitted to committing the crimes. He was charged with violation of G.L. c. 94C Section 32, possession with intent to distribute marijuana. A clerk magistrate hearing was scheduled. Attorney Neyman was hired and convinced the magistrate not to issue a complaint.

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  • Possession With Intent to Distribute Class B and Possession Class B Charges Dismissed

    The defendant is a thirty-eight year old car salesman living in the greater Boston area. It is alleged that on March 24, 2016 members of the Boston Police Department Drug Control Unit were monitoring a location known for high volume drug sales. The observed the defendant pull up to the location on his cell phone and make contact with a black male. The defendant exited his car and pulled a bag out of his trunk. He and the black male went back into his car and officers saw what they believed to be a drug transaction. The two separated and the black male was detained by the police. He told the officers that he purchased some marijuana from our client. Our client was then stopped and found in possession of marijuana, some class B drugs and drug distribution paraphernalia. He was charged with, among other things, possession with intent to distribute class B, a G.L. c. 94C Section 32A violation, possession of class B, in violation of G.L. c. 94C Section 34 and distribution of class D, a crime under G.L. c. 94C Section 32C. Today, Attorney Neyman was able to get those charges dismissed.

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  • Distribution of Marijuana Case Against College Student to be Dismissed

    The defendant is a local college student. Over the summer he was stopped for a motor vehicle violation. The police immediately smelled the odor of unburnt marijuana. They saw several baggies of marijuana in plain view. Also observed were scales, multiple cell phones and assorted packaging materials. One of the passengers in the vehicle was caught with drugs in his possession. He admitted to purchasing the drugs from the defendant. Another occupant of the car had a cell phone video of the transaction. The defendant was charged with distribution of marijuana, a crime to which he confessed. Today, Attorney Neyman succeeded in getting the case continued without a finding. All charges will be dismissed upon the successful completion of probation.

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  • Pretrial Probation For Man Charge With Distribution of Class D Marijuana

    The police alleged that beginning in August of 2013 members of the Marlborough, Massachusetts police detectives unit became involved in an investigation utilizing a confidential informant. This informant had been making controlled narcotics purchases in the area for several months. On November 18, 2013 the informant arranged for the sale of marijuana, a class D substance. Officers established surveillance of the target location. The informant was wearing a wire and alerted the officers to the vehicle the subject would be driving. The car arrived with the defendant being its sole occupant. The officers observed a drug deal occur between the informant and the defendant. The informant provided the drugs to the officers. Officers then located and arrested the defendant who is not a citizen. Today, Attorney Neyman was able to get pretrial probation for the defendant. This will have no adverse impact on his status and he will have no criminal record.

  • Conviction for Drug Distribution Vacated on Behalf Man Facing Deportation

    Lynn District Court: In September of 2001 the defendant, with the assistance of another lawyer had a drug distribution case continued without a finding for a period of eleven months. Nearly twelve years later this man, a legal resident alien was arrested and held by federal authorities who had initiated deportation proceedings. The deportation efforts were the direct result of the 2001 drug case that is treated as a conviction by the immigration. The defendant's family retained Attorney Stephen Neyman to try to get the 2001 conviction vacated. After a series of motions before the original sentencing judge our office was able to vacate the conviction. Deportation is no longer an issue for this man.

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We went to trial and won. He saved me fifteen years mandatory in state prison for this case. A.C. Boston, Massachusetts
I hired him and he got the case dismissed before I had to go into a courtroom. My school never found out and if they had I would have lost my academic scholarships. He really saved my college career. Melissa C. Cold Spring, New York, October 2013
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