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Case Results 2020

  • No Money Owed After Restitution Hearing on Malicious Destruction of Property Over $1,200 and Case Dismissed

    The defendant was involved in a felony malicious destruction of property, G.L. c. 266 Section 127 that occurred over two years ago. He had a lawyer from another office that scheduled a change of plea and a restitution hearing. The man continued to protest his innocence. Nevertheless the lawyer insisted that he admit responsibility, get a continuance without a finding and have a hearing to determine restitution. The defendant was unhappy with this advice and hired our office to represent him. We convinced the assistant district attorney to proceed with restitution first. He agreed. As we expected, the judge found that our client did nothing wrong and agreed that no money was due. The judge further agreed to dismiss the case as he could not see any wrongdoing on our client's part. This was handled telephonically due to the coronavirus emergency. All charges were dismissed. 

    This case was determined telephonically due to the courts being closed

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  • Motion to Dismiss Domestic Assault and Battery Case Allowed

    The defendant was charged with domestic assault and battery under G.L. c. 265 section 13M. It was alleged that several months ago a truck driver operating on a major Massachusetts highway observed the defendant and a woman on the side of the road engaged in what appeared to be a heated altercation. The man contacted the police and told them he thought that the man was hitting the woman but could not be sure. The police went to the scene and observed the man and woman, still there and appearing to be arguing next to their car. The officer inquired of both parties. Each separately told the officer that there was no actual violence or threat, just arguing. Nevertheless, the man was charged with domestic assault and battery. Attorney Neyman was hired. A motion to dismiss was scheduled and heard. The judge allowed the motion and the case was dismissed. 

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  • Bail For Man Charged With Raping Children at a Daycare Reduced to Personal Recognizance

    Several months ago our client was charged with rape of a child under G.L. c. 265 section 23. It is alleged that the man was a daycare worker and that he had engaged in various forms of illegal sexual activity with some of the children at the facility. He was arrested and held under G.L. c. 276 section 58A, the Massachusetts Dangerousness Statute. The family hired Attorney Stephen Neyman to represent the defendant. The first thing our office did was investigate the case viability of the case. Our investigators concluded that what was alleged could not have happened and that our client was working out of state at the time these acts supposedly occurred. Attorney Neyman successfully moved the Court to reconsider its finding of dangerousness. After a hearing the defendant was released on personal recognizance. We expect to have all charges dismissed shortly. 

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  • Conditions of Bail Modified and Removal of GPS Ordered

    The defendant is out on bail facing drug trafficking charges under G.L. c. 94C section 32E. He is looking at a mandatory minimum three year sentence. In the past, on other cases the individual defaulted and missed his court appearance. He has a significant criminal history. He was permitted release but on strict conditions that required GPS monitoring. He hired Attorney Stephen Neyman to represent him. Today, we successfully moved the judge for the removal of the GPS device. 

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  • Charges of Breaking and Entering in the Nighttime With the Intent to Commit a Felony, Larceny Over $1,200 and Malicious Destruction to Property Over $1,200 to be Dismissed

    In July of 2019 an individual and his wife were on their boat in a marina sleeping. In the early morning hours they heard a noise. The man left the cabin to investigate and saw four men on his boat. It is alleged that these individuals broke into the marina and boarded this boat and others with the intention of stealing fishing gear and valuable personal items. A neighboring boat owner heard the commotion and saw the four men flee the boat and enter a car. He was able to get the license plate of the vehicle which led the police to our client. Our client admitted to being on the boat with the intention to commit larceny. He was ultimately charged with two counts of breaking and entering in the nighttime with the intent to commit a felony in violation of G.L. c. 266 section 16, larceny over $1,200, G.L. c. 266 section 30 and malicious destruction to property over $1,200, G.L. c. 266 section 127, all felonies in Massachusetts. Attorney Stephen Neyman was retained to represent the man. Today, all charges were continued without a finding (CWOF). After successful completion of probation all charges will be dismissed. 

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  • Charges of Domestic Assault and Battery, Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon, Threatening to Commit a Crime and Intimidation of a Witness Dismissed, Gun Charges to be Dismissed

    In January of 2019, police responded to a 911 call in a city south of Boston. They arrived to find the defendant intoxicated and arguing with family members in the street in front of his home. Officers interviewed several witnesses who confirmed during an argument our client pulled a firearm out of a drawer in his home and threatened a family member with it. It was further alleged that the man struck another family member with the gun and threatened to kill her if she called the police. The police obtained permission from our client's wife to search the home. During the search they located several firearms that were improperly stored. Our client was charged with assault and battery under G.L. c. 265 Section 13, assault by means of a dangerous weapon, G.L. c. 265 Section 15B, threatening to commit a crime G.L. c. 275 Section 2, improper storage of a firearm G.L. c. 140 section 131L, carrying a firearm while intoxicated, G.L. c. 269 section 10H and intimidation of a witness, G.L. c. 268 section 13B. Attorney Neyman was hired to defend the man. Today, all charges involving the assaults, threats and witness intimidation were dismissed. The firearm cases were continued without a finding (CWOF) and will be dismissed in a few months. 

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  • Charges of Operating to Endanger Against College Student to be Dismissed

    The defendant is a college student who back in December was charged with negligent operation of a motor vehicle in violation of G.L. c. 90 Section 24. The police reported that on a Sunday in December around 3:00 a.m. they received a call for an accident with an indication that a vehicle had struck a home. Officers observed the defendant sitting on the ground near the vehicle and obviously upset. Officers inquired about the origin of the accident. The defendant was unable to state with certainty what had happened, instead advising the officers that he must have fallen asleep at the wheel. The charges that issued were today continued without a finding. In six months or less this case will be dismissed. 

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  • Defendant Released From Custody Following Successful Appeal From Finding of Dangerousness Under G.L. c. 276 Section 58A

    The defendant was arrested for armed robbery and arraigned in an urban district court in Massachusetts. The police report stated that witnesses observed the defendant, armed and robbing a store and people in the store. The defendant was charged with, among other things, armed robbery under G.L. c. 265 Section 17. The defendant has a criminal record and has served state prison time in the past. The district attorney moved for detention under the Massachusetts Dangerousness Law, G.L. c. 276 Section 58A. He was detained by a judge in the district court. Attorney Neyman was hired to appeal the order of detention. We scheduled a hearing on the appeal in less than one week. Our investigators were able to provide reliable information that the eyewitness accounts were biased and that their identification of our client was based on unlawful and suggestive police identification procedures. The Superior Court judge agreed with our position and released our client. 

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  • Charges of Aggravated Rape of a Child and Indecent Assault and Battery on a Person Under 14 Dismissed At Probable Cause Hearing

    The defendant is the victim's father. He is a well known, high ranking executive in the biotech industry. In mid December of 2019 his twelve year old daughter complained to a friend at school that she had been repeatedly raped by her father. A mandated report at the school overheard the conversation and called DCF workers and the local police. The girl recited a litany of stories of abuse and rape at the hands of the defendant. He was arrested and charged with rape of a child, G.L. c. 265 Section 23 and indecent assault and battery on a child under the age of fourteen, G.L. c. 265 Section 13B. He hired our office to defend him. A probable cause hearing was scheduled for the soonest possible date. Today, we were able to get all charges dismissed. 

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  • Charges of Unarmed Burglary and Felony Malicious Destruction to Property Dismissed Prior to Arraignment

    The defendant is a software engineer in his early twenties. In late December he was in an argument with a former girlfriend. She asked him to leave her house. He did. He then went out to several bars, got drunk and in the early morning hours went back to her home. He made a forced entry into the home by breaking down the front door. A neighbor heard the noise and saw the man entering the home. The police were called and the defendant was arrested and charged with unarmed burglary under G.L. c. 266 Section 15 and malicious destruction to property over $1,200 in violation of G.L. c. 266 Section 127. Attorney Neyman was retained to represent the man. Our office had information that our client may have been drugged. Following up on that lead we had him tested. Date rape drugs, probably intended for someone else were found in his system. Our toxicology expert provided a report, evaluation and analysis consistent with our client lacking the criminal intent to commit these acts. The district attorney's office accepted this representation as did the victim and all agreed to this case being dismissed prior to arraignment. 

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  • Charges of Rape and Kidnapping Dismissed Prior to Arraignment

    The defendant is a medical doctor who is married with several children. He lives outside of Massachusetts. Over the summer he was in Massachusetts attending a convention. It was the only time he had been in this state. Weeks later he received a call from a detective asking him questions about his activities in Massachusetts at the time of the convention. The detective's tone was accusatory, demeaning and vague. The doctor did the right thing in this case and refused to speak with the detective, instead contacting our office for advice. Attorney Neyman was hired. Our discussions with the police detective disclosed that a woman had claimed that the weekend of the convention she met our client at a reception. She claimed that she went to his room in the hotel and while in the room he would not let her leave. The woman further complained that while in the room our client coerced the woman into performing oral sex on him. Our client subsequently received a summons charging him with rape, G.L. c. 265 Section 22 and kidnapping, G.L. c. 265 Section 26. Our client denied all allegations. We hired an investigator. Through security videos, witness interviews and receipts we were able to show that our client had absolutely no contact with this woman. Consequently, this information was presented to the appropriate authorities and all charges were withdrawn prior to arraignment. 

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  • Charges of Possessing a Firearm While Intoxicated to be Dismissed

    The defendant lives in a rural part of Massachusetts. Several months ago he called the police to complain of a disturbance with unfriendly neighbors. The police arrived and noticed that the man, while in his home was in possession of a firearm. He was properly licensed to possess and carry the weapon. The officers then contacted the neighbors to advise them of the complaint. While doing so the neighbors were told that the man owned a gun. The police left. Later that evening, after an exchange of hostile texts between the neighbors and our client the police were called back to the home. This time however the neighbors called. The officers contacted our client and observed him still in possession of the firearm but this time intoxicated. Our client was summonsed to court and ultimately charged with possession of a firearm while intoxicated in violation of G.L. c. 269 Section 10H. Attorney Neyman was hired for representation. Today, we were able to negotiate a continuance without a finding (CWOF) for our client. All charges will be dismissed in 6 months. 

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  • Charges of Possession of Cocaine Against Law Enforcement Officer do not Issue After Clerk Magistrate Hearing

    The defendant is an officer in a local law enforcement office. In early December he was seen entering and leaving the home of a known drug dealer. A drug enforcement task force had been monitoring and conducting surveillance of that location. Officers followed the defendant to a busy parking lot. They saw him park. They then watched as he opened a small plastic bag, placed a powdery substance on his console and snorted the substance with a McDonald's straw. He was confronted by the police and the remaining drug was seized. He was summonsed to court for possession of cocaine a Class B substance under G.L. c. 94C Section 34. Attorney Neyman was hired. A clerk magistrate hearing was held today. The complaint did not issue. Had it issued the defendant likely would have lost his job. 

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  • Indecent Assault and Battery Charges Against Non-Citizen Dismissed on Trial Date

    The defendant is a non-citizen restaurant owner in Massachusetts. The complainant worked at the restaurant for many years. About fifteen months ago the complainant went to the police station to report a series of sexual assaults alleged to have been committed against her by the owner. The police department conducted a very poor, limited investigation and filed an application for a criminal complaint for indecent assault and battery under G.L. c. 265 Section 13H. If found guilty of these charges our client would likely be deported. Even a continuance without a finding would destroy the defendant's chances of citizenship. Our office was hired to defendant the accused. Discovery and pretrial motions went on for over a year. Rape allegations were also beind considered against out client involving the same victim in accordance with G.L. c. 265 Section 22. We were able to prevent this charge from being issued. We were finally able to schedule this case for trial. Today. All charges were dismissed. 

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  • Felony Gun Charges Requiring Prison Sentence Reduced to Non-Mandatory Misdemeanor

    Our client is a college graduate working in the entertainment industry. He owned a firearm that lawfully purchased outside of Massachusetts however when he moved to Massachusetts he never properly registered the weapon. About six months ago he was hiking in a forest while in possession of the weapon. This is something that he had done regularly in the state where he purchased the firearm. Another hiker observed the weapon on our client and when he was able to get a cell signal he alerted the local police. They responded quickly. They questioned our client and when they learned that he did not have a license to carry he was arrested and charged with possession of a gun under G.L. c. 269 Section 10(a), a felony. This law requires a mandatory eighteen months jail sentence. Attorney Stephen Neyman was hired to defend the man. Our office was able to negotiate a reduction of the charges to G.L. c. 269 10(h), a misdemeanor that does not require jail time. 

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  • Domestic Assault and Battery Charges Dismissed After Wife Exercises Marital Privilege

    Just prior to Christmas of 2019 police in a Massachusetts city received a call from a concerned citizen stating that a woman had fled her home following a domestic assault and entered their home for safety. The police quickly responded and interviewed the victim. They observed her to be bruised and swollen around the face and nose area. She had a large laceration on her leg. She claimed that following a heated argument over another woman our client had struck and beat her. Our client was arrested and charged with domestic assault and battery under G.L. c. 265 Section 13M. Attorney Stephen Neyman was hired. Once it was determined that the wife had exaggerated the allegations and fabricated some aspects of the incident we scheduled the case for trial. Today, the day of trial, all charges were dismissed. 

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  • Motion to Dismiss Assault and Battery on a Police Officer and Trespass by a Non-Citizen College Student Allowed and Case Dismissed

    Our client is a non-citizen who was attending college in the United States on a student visa. Towards the end of last semester the man was found trespassing at a business in an industrial park. He was clearly intoxicated. The police tried to speak with the man to learn his identity. He became belligerent. Further attempts at conversation failed. The man became verbally abusive and then assaulted one of the police officers. He was charged with assault and battery on a police officer, G.L. c. 265 Section 13D and trespass, G.L. c. 266 section 120. Our office was hired to represent the man. We expedited the case and convinced the district attorney's office to agreed to our motion to dismiss. All charges were dismissed. The man is now able to continue with his education and his student visa will not be revoked. 

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  • Charges of Domestic Assault and Battery and Threats Against Non-Citizen Dismissed

    In August of 2019 police responded to a call for a domestic disturbance in a Boston suburb. They were greeted by a woman who claimed told them that violence had erupted in her home after her husband learned that she had just filed for divorce. The defendant is a non-citizen who would be deported if convicted of this crime. The woman told the police that during an argument the defendant grabbed her by the throat, threatened to get a knife and cause her severe harm. The defendant denied the allegations but was nevertheless arrested and charged with domestic assault and battery, G.L. c. 265 Section 13M and threats, G.L. c. 272 Section 2.  Attorney Neyman was hired. Today all charges were dismissed. 

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  • Charges of Armed Assault With Intent to Murder, Assault and Battery With a Dangerous Weapon and Assault and Battery With a Dangerous Weapon Causing Serious Bodily Injury Against Non-Citizen Dismissed

    The defendant is not from the United States and he is not a citizen. On September 6, 2018 he came to western Massachusetts with a friend who intended to confront someone who had stolen money from him. There was never an intention to commit an act of violence and the defendant his friend arrived unarmed. Upon spotting the defendant and friend, the "victim" retrieved a stun gun and a knife. He attacked the defendant and friend. In an effort to defend himself, the defendant disarmed the victim who in turn lunged at the defendant. A scuffle ensued during which the victim was stabbed several times in the chest nearly causing death. Our client was charged with armed assault with intent to murder, G.L. c. 265 Section 18b, assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, G.L. c. 265 Section 15A and assault and battery dangerous weapon causing serious bodily injury, also G.L. c 265 Section 15A. Attorney Neyman was hired. A series of witnesses and the victim were charged with an assortment of crimes all stemming from this incident. Consequently, Attorney Neyman arranged to meet with all attorneys. It was agreed that all defendants had 5th Amendment privileges as a result of their individual actions in this case. As a result, the district attorney's was notified and all cases were joined for status. At today's status conference all defendants exercised their constitutional rights and the cases were dismissed. The defendant, our client, avoided certain deportation 

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  • Charges of Interfering With a Police Investigation Dismissed

    Our client is a professional living in a Boston suburb. Last September he was visiting with a friend. A woman arrived at the home driven by a friend. The friend did not go into the home. Rather, he waited in his car, parked near the home our client was visiting. Seeing the occupied car, a concerned neighbor called the police. They questioned the driver. His answers were evasive. He indicated that he dropped a friend off at a house next to where he was parked and was waiting for her. The police went to the house and looked into a window. They observed what they believed to be people ingesting cocaine. They entered the home. Our client was in the bathroom. The police demanded that he come out of the bathroom. He flushed the toilet before doing so. The officers observed an item going down the toilet they believed to be drugs. They were unable to collect the object and charged our client with interfering with a police investigation in violation of G.L. c. 268 Section 13E. Attorney Neyman was hired. He filed a motion to dismiss that was ultimately agreed to by the district attorney's office. The case was dismissed. 

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  • Charges of Operating to Endanger and Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle Dismissed

    Several months ago our client was observed by police officers driving the wrong way in a rotary. In the process of doing so our client struck a vehicle being driven by someone else. The man was charged with violating G.L. c. 90 Section 24. He hired Attorney Neyman to represent him. After one court appearance our office was able to get all charges dismissed. The judge agreed with the substance of our motion that the police had not provided sufficient information with which to sustain the criminal allegation. 

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  • Bail Order Under Dangerousness 58A Vacated

    The defendant is charged with illegal possession of several firearms. Some of the indictments mandate state prison time if the defendant is convicted. At his arraignment he was found dangerous under G.L. c. 276 Section 58A. Attorney Neyman was hired to represent the defendant. As a result of a change in circumstances over the course of several weeks Attorney Neyman was able to convince the assistant district attorney and judge to vacate the 58A dangerousness finding. The defendant is now eligible for release. 

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  • Motion to Suppress Search of Cell Phone With Warrant Allowed After Hearing and All Evidence Suppressed

    On July 20, 2018 the defendant was driving his girlfriend's car in an upscale Boston suburb. Police officers pulled him over for driving twelve miles per hour over the speed limit. Officers asked the driver if he had any weapons or if there were drugs in the car. He responded "not that I am aware of". This heightened the officer's suspicions. The defendant then made furtive movements causing further alarm prompting the officers to have him exit the car. The officers then conducted a pat frisk of the defendant and found several thousand dollars cash in his pockets. The police then searched his car and found drugs. Our client was arrested, the car was seized as was the defendant's cell phone. A search warrant was applied for and issued permitting the police to search the phone. On the phone was a significant amount of evidence of our client's drug dealing. Attorney Neyman filed a motion to suppress challenging the lawfulness of the search warrant. Today, the judge agreed that the search was illegal. Consequently, all evidence in the phone linking our client to the drugs was suppressed. The prosecution will not be able to proceed with the case and all charges will be dismissed. 

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  • Charges of Leaving the Scene With Property Damage Do Not Issue After Clerk Magistrate Hearing

    The defendant lives in a high income Boston suburb. On September 27, 2019 police in his town received an OnStar call alerting them to an accident severe enough to deploy airbags. The officers responded and found a mailbox had been knocked over. The OnStar operator identified the owner of the vehicle and his address. The officers went to the address and tried to make contact with the occupants. Noises, including voices within the home were heard by the police. Through a window they observed one of the home occupants on a stairwell. The police illuminated the garage with their flashlights and observed the vehicle, damaged and with deployed airbags. The next day officers contact the car owner. Their recorded conversation with the man matched the OnStar recording. Accordingly, charges of leaving the scene with property damage under G.L. c. 90 Section 24 were applied for. Attorney Neyman was retained to represent the defendant at the clerk magistrate hearing, G.L. c. 218 Section 35. After the hearing, we convinced the clerk magistrate not to issue the complaint. No charges will issue. 

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  • Charges of Domestic Assault and Battery Against Non-Citizen Dismissed on Day of Trial

    On June 21, 2019 police responded to a call for a domestic disturbance. The female caller stated that she was shoved by the defendant while he was intoxicated. Officers went to the scene and interviewed the defendant and the victim. The victim stated that the defendant and his father had been drinking scotch all night. The drinking led to an argument that involved recurring marital problems. The victim attempted to record the argument on her cell phone. The defendant became incensed and shoved the victim in the chest, twisted her wrist and arm and took from her the phone on which the incident had been recorded. The defendant, a non-citizen on a work visa was arrested and charged with domestic assault and battery under G.L. c. 265 Section 13M. Today our office was able to get all charges dismissed. 

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  • Charges of Operating on a Suspended License Dismissed Prior to Arraignment

    On July 31, 2019 the defendant was driving on a public way. A police officer conducted a random query of the vehicle. The query showed that the owner of the vehicle had a suspended license. The vehicle was stopped so that the operator could be identified. The driver was in fact the owner of the car. He was issued a criminal citation and the car was towed. In the meantime, the defendant moved to the West Coast. He received a summons for arraignment charging him with operating on a suspended license in violation of G.L. c. 90 Section 23. Attorney Neyman was hired. Today, the case was advanced prior to arraignment and all charges were dismissed. 

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